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Shamir Spectrum - Single Vision™

The introductory Freeform® Single Vision lens
Lens Family: EVERYDAY

Consumers today want the latest and greatest gizmos on the market. From tablet PC’s and cell phones to shoes that shape your glutes and blankets with sleeves - products utilizing the newest technologies are what everyone wants. With this in mind, why put your single vision patients in “old” technology when you can give them Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision?

Perfect for non-early adopters.

Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision introduces patients to the world of Freeform®. While we do offer a fully personalized single vision lens in the Shamir Autograph III – SV, some patients just aren’t ready to take the leap into something so revolutionary... for those “non-early adopters” there’s Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision. Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision provides patients a technologically advanced single vision lens that delivers a precise Rx at a price that fits any budget.

Sweeping up the competition single handedly?

Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision provides your patients with clear, crisp vision all with an aspheric/atoric back-side. Aspheric/atoric lenses can be lighter due to decreased center thickness, and for those high plus patients, an aspheric/atoric lens means better clarity because of minimized off-center errors. What does this really mean for single vision patients? Increased visual acuity and an accurate Rx made specifically for them.

Spectrum SV Back Lens images

You’re converting your progressive patients into Freeform® designs... don’t leave your single vision patients behind, introduce them to Shamir Spectrum – Single Vision today!

The low-down on Shamir Spectrum - Single Vision 

The benefits

• Aspheric/atoric back-surface

• Priced to fit almost any budget

• Designed with EyePoint Technology

Why patients need it...

• Introduces “non-early adopters” to Freeform®

• Delivers a precise Rx for every patient

• Consistent in all materials