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Shamir Glacier Plus™ UV
Precisely what lenses need!

Extensive research went into creating Glacier Plus. It is the optimal lens coating that won’t wear off or scratch. It leaves the lens clear and free of distracting reflections, and it’s easier than ever to keep clean. Now, Shamir has made it even better with its new improved version. Glacier Plus UV provides all that, plus the most comprehensive UV protection for the eyes, blocking both incoming and rear surface reflected rays.


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Shamir Glacier Plus™ UV

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV is a new coating available from Shamir that provides a cutting-edge, glare reducing solution and truly helps to ReCreate Perfect Vision.

The Importance of Layers

Glacier Plus UV Lens

The Shamir Glacier PLUS UV coating process has been developed to be specially Matched with each of Shamir’s Certified lens Materials.Glacier Plus UV Number 1

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV provides improved cosmetics utilizing Shamir’s glare reducing Matte FinishGlacier Plus UV Number 2 Newton Ring Reduction Technology.Glacier Plus UV Number 3

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV’s Hard Coat and SSGS+ Technology work collectively to provide a durable, “hard as ice” coating that provides superior scratch resistance and enables extended longevity of the coating. Glacier Plus UV Number 2Glacier Plus UV Number 3

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV’s unique Slippery Plus hydrophobic and oleophobic top layer ensures the easiest cleanability.Glacier Plus UV Number 3


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The Building Blocks Of Shamir Glacier PLUS UV:


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The basis of Shamir’s successful Shamir Glacier PLUS UV coating is the Shamir Certified Blank*. We run our certified blanks through a comprehensive validation process, allowing us to develop a premium coating based on the properties and characteristics of those substrates.


Glacier Plus UV Image 3


Glacier Plus UV Image Title 2

Shamir Glacier PLUS UV features a durable and tough surface. By understanding and defining the components for a cohesive bond with Shamir’s specific materials, a unique Material Match HC process has been developed for Shamir Glacier PLUS UV. 



Glacier Plus UV Image 4



Glacier Plus UV Image Title 3

A process has been defined of applying not only a specific Hard Coat to Shamir materials, but the AR stack has also been developed as a precise “recipe” based on the Material.

(SSGS+ Technology: Scratch, Static, Glare, Slippery)



Glacier Plus UV Image 5

Glacier Plus UV Image 6

Glacier Plus UV Image Title 4

Glacier Plus UV Image 7





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Enhancing visual comfort and style


Shamir Glacier PLUS UV diminishes cosmetic issues for patients; dramatically reducing glare with Shamir’s innovative Matte Finish as well as minimizing “Rainbows” with the Newton Ring Reduction Technology.



Provides dramatically reduced cosmetic glare on the lens and reduces visual glare for the wearer, providing a crisp, clear visual experience while still allowing for a super slippery hydro/oleophobic surface. 


Newton Ring Reduction TECHNOLOGY

“Rainbows” are visually predominant in coatings whose substrate is not accurately matched with the properties of both the Hard Coat and AR coating applied. 


Shamir Glacier PLUS UV’s Material Match process ensures dramatically reduced Newton Rings (birefringence), providing an added cosmetic benefit for the patient.



Glacier Plus UV Image 8



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Improved water and stain resistance


Designed with a Slippery PLUS hydro and oleophobic surface, liquids glide off Shamir Glacier PLUS UV’s surface much like an object slides along a stretch of ice. This means lenses require less cleaning, which results in a longer lasting coating. 



Glacier Plus UV Image 9


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A new concept in comprehensive UV protection 


Shamir Glacier Plus UV offers a new concept in UV protection. Even lenses that claim 100% UV blocking, do not protect the eyes from the UV reflection that reaches the eyes from the rear surface of the lens. The new Glacier Plus UV coating includes extra UV protection that prevents the harmful rays from being reflected into the eyes. 
That’s comprehensive UV protection!



Glacier Plus UV Image 10


Patient Benefits:

• Improved scratch resistance protects your lenses when it comes to your daily activities.

• Lenses are easy and effortless to clean.

• Enhanced anti-static properties repel dust.

• Protects your eyes with backside UV protection.

• Dramatically reduces annoying “rainbows”, for a clear view of your eyes.

• Reduces “visual glare” for a safer driving experience, especially at night.

• Prevents distracting “cosmetic glare” when someone is looking at you.


Available on all Shamir Freeform® lenses in the following materials:


Glacier Plus UV Chart


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With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier
With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier
With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier
With standard HCWith Shamir Glacier