Choosing Your Lenses

Your selection of eyewear is an important decision as it encompasses both function and style.  Think of your eyewear as similar to a watch; it is a fashion statement that also provides necessary information.  Your prescription lenses provide visual information to your brain, through your ability to see clearly and comfortably.  Properly chosen prescription lenses also protect the inner systems of your eye from damaging UV radiation.  Meanwhile, your eyeglass frames make a dramatic impact on the appearance of your face.  This is an opportunity for your personal style to shine through.

With the array of lens and frame choices as well as available technologies, selecting eyewear can be an overwhelming task.  The following guidelines will assist you in evaluating your needs along with your eyecare professional.


Ophthalmic lenses are carefully designed to recreate natural vision.  There are different designs available for specific visual tasks and needs.  For example, if you are a Presbyope and need adjusted power for nearpoint tasks, you will likely want a multifocal lens.  The Progressive Addition Lens (PAL) provides the most natural vision with the best cosmetic appearance, as there is not a visible line, resulting in image jump.  Shamir Insight’s Genesis premium PAL provides wide areas of clear vision.  Many occupational and hobby environments, particularly computer use, require a lens specifically designed for small spaces.  Shamir Insight’s Office Lens is an occupational/hobby lens created for just such tasks.  Additionally, premium PALs and small environment lenses provide an ultraviolet radiation filter, critical to the health of your eyes.


When selecting frames, it is important to choose a design that suits your prescription.  Your eyecare professional can assist you in this important category.  In addition, your frames should be cosmetically appealing.  When considering cosmetics, you will want to incorporate your individual coloring, face shape, and personal style.  What is the best frame for you cosmetically?  It is all about color and facial features.  In regard to face shape, it is all about balance.  An Oval face is a balanced shape, and may wear any frame design, so long as the prescription allows.  Other face shapes are categorized as follows:

  • Oblong “Long face”
  • Round “wide”
  • Square “wide”
  • Inverted Triangle (base up)
  • Erect Triangle (Base down)
  • Diamond
  • Heart





All of the face shapes can be grouped into three main categories:  Oval, Wide and Narrow.  The frame design can dramatically alter the appearance of a face shape to give the illusion of an oval.  This fashion technique/optical makeover is accomplished with the placement of the endpiece, where the sides meet the front of the frame.  If you wish to give a narrow face a wider look, then the end-pieces should be midline to the frame front.  If your goal is to make a wide face look slimmer, than a high endpiece attachment is needed.


Once you identify your prescription needs, lens options and frame considerations, you are ready to combine the best of everything to create a look that reflects your personality and style.  Optical makeovers are a great way to combine function and fashion that is your very own.  Different occasions require different looks. 

You would not wear a business suit to the beach, nor would you wear cut-off shorts to a board meeting.  Today’s eyewear fashions include business classic, evening elegance, casual and sporty designs.  Color trends continue to gain popularity, as well as streamlined rimless that are light-weight, and seem to disappear on your face.  A wardrobe of eyewear, suited to various aspects of your lifestyle, is not only convenient; it shows the many faces of you!