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Dear Eye Care Professional,


Thank you for choosing Shamir as your lens partner. 


We would like to offer your practice a comprehensive education program detailing Shamir technology and all aspects of our lens products. When you complete the “Shamir Certification Program” you will have the knowledge and confidence to prescribe the best optical solution for your patients. You will be able to say confidently, “We have a lens for that.”


This 3-week educational program includes 5 Modules.  Each Module is presented in less than 1 hour and covers the topics below.  Each Module will be presented 2x daily, over 3 consecutive days (6 sessions), allowing you to select the date & time slot that works best for you!  Sign up now for WEEK 1 using the yellow REGISTER buttons below.



All Shamir webinars will be available to you and your staff free of charge.  Participants need only internet and telephone access to join the webinars.  We will be updating the webinar schedule each week with new offerings so stay tuned.


To sign up, simply click the yellow highlighted REGISTER button for your preferred Webinar date/time*.  Once registered, WEBEX will email you the webinar link and conference call details.

To avoid delays or connection issues, we recommend you download WebEx well in advance of the webinar event selected.



Shamir FF Certification Webinar Series


Series Outline


1 Webinar 0511    2 Webinar 0511    3 Webinar 0512    4 Webinar 0512


5 Webinar 0513    6 Webinar 0513    7 Webinar 0514    8 Webinar 0514


9 Webinar 0515    10 Webinar 0515




*By signing up, you authorize Shamir to contact you with webinar updates, notices and offers for future CE, web based training.