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An R&D-driven company, Shamir is a technological innovator in the field of optics. Its Freeform expertise and breakthrough lens design technologies make it a globally recognized leader in sports and occupational lenses, and custom designed lenses that ensure wearer comfort together with optimized visual acuity for virtually any prescription, in any shape frame.

As-Worn Quadro™



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As-Worn Technology™ compensates lens design structure according to the unique parameters of the chosen frame. It ensures that once the lenses are fitted into the frame, patients will experience the same visual acuity as they did in the optometrist’s trial frame. With As-Worn Quadro, an add-on to our existing technology, we have multiplied the design source dimensions by four. Lens design is now even less sensitive to tilt variations of the patient’s chosen frame, ensuring overall improvement of lens performance in any frame.