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At Shamir, we're engineering for the future and building a stronger industry.


We ReCreate Perfect Vision™ by offering the most advanced technological lens solution available to the marketplace at any given time, delivering unparalleled customer service, and providing high quality comprehensive educational programs to the optical industry.


We are dreamers, who strive to create vision for a better future. Our ambition is what drives us to improve upon our products, technologies, tools, and services.


Find out how you can become a Champion for Change, call 877.514.8330



Premium progressive and single vision lenses for Everyday, Work, and Play. Including the 2x Award Winning Shamir Autograph® III.

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Coatings & Materials: 

Developing coatings and materials for both cosmetic and visual protection of our most important sense - sight.


Tools & Programs:

We have a full library of educational programs and measurement tools to make your life easier.


Find out how you can become a Champion for Change: Call 877.514.8330





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