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Shamir Attitude III® - SV

Single Vision sun lenses designed specifically for sport and fashion frames
Lens Family: PLAY

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Taking our Attitude One Step Further. 

At Shamir, we understand that being active and playing sports requires different Rx sun lenses than lounging at the beach with friends. We also understand that different people want different frames to express their attitude and personal style. That’s why we’ve taken the already successful Shamir Autograph II - Attitude lens design one step further and developed two unique progressive lenses - one for fashion and one for sports

The design of these two new lenses addresses the visual needs of fashion and sport prescription sunwear in a wide range of frames - large or small, flat or wraparound. So when it comes to sunwear, we have your patients covered, they just need to choose their Attitude.

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The Perfect Attitude For Single Vision Wearers

The new Shamir Attitude III® line covers more than just progressive wearers. We’ve also incorporated our new technologies into a single vision solution to allow your single vision patients the opportunity to enjoy the same premium prescription vision in both flat and wraparound sun frames.


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Single Vision sun lenses designed specifically for sport and fashion frames 

Style, appearance and performance is key when it comes to sunwear. With the introduction of Shamir Attitude III® – SV, now single vision wearers can enjoy the best optical performance and widest clear vision with the inclusion of EyePoint Technolgy III®. Perfect for an active or leisurely lifestyle, Shamir Attitude III® – SV covers the extremes for single vision patients.


Design Benefits

• Optimal design for any frame size, shape and tilt

• Greater optical design stability to any frame - large or small, wraparound or flat

• Unique lens design for large frames with expanded Peripheral Vision




Advanced Technologies


Eye Point Technology Icon

The Real-World-Vision Experience

By addressing the entire prescription-related viewing experience, our innovative EyePoint Technology III® is able to simulate real world images by reverse engineering the lens design. This enables the lenses to provide an improved viewing experience for all patients, regardless of their prescription or choice of frame, and makes the field of vision of myopic and hyperopic patients both similar and improved.


As Worn Quadro Icon

Perfect Vision for Any Frame Choice

This technological advancement is based on our proven As-Worn Technology, which provides prescription compensation by taking into consideration the unique parameters of the chosen frame. The new Quadro technology provides additional design compensation with four times greater design stability for any frame tilt variations. The unique combination of prescription and design compensation ensures complete viewing comfort for any frame shape and when switching from one pair to another.




Extended Range

Base Curves & Panoramic Angles
The Shamir Attitude III family - progressive Sport & Fashion and SV lenses - supports a wider range of face-form angles and base curves, to optimally suit any frame, flat or wraparound, while maintaining all of the design advantages. This extended range, allows for more frames to be fitted with precisely compatible lenses, very similar to the frame’s demo lenses, ensuring the perfect fit and great looking sunwear.

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Single Vision sunwear designed specifically for sport and fashion frames
Sunwear frames represent your patients and their lifestyles. Their single vision prescription shouldn’t restrict them, and today, it doesn’t. Based on the successful Shamir Smart Attitude®, designed for wraparound frames only, we’ve designed a new SV lens with an expanded base curve range, to support an endless variety of fashion and sports frames, to suit any lifestyle.

Shamir Attitude III SV ensures extreme viewing comfort for any frame, flat or wraparound, and for any lifestyle or activity, be it extreme sports or an outdoor coffee with friends.
This unique new lens is completely adaptable to each patient - so you can help more patients express who they are!




Provide the following information to order: 

Select the lens type per patient’s sunwear lens requirements:


Fashion, Sport or Single Vision
Patient’s prescription (prescription should be measured with a pantoscopic tilt of zero in the trial frame)
Frame Data: A, B, ED & DBL or frame tracer file
Fitting height & Mono PD (far)
Panoramic angle
      - Panoramic angle range for base 4-6: 0° to 30° 
      -Panoramic angle range for base 7-10: 13° to 30°
Pantoscopic tilt (patient should hold their head in a natural position and look straight ahead during measurement)
Vertex distance
Preferred Base Curve*
Frame type


Minimum Design Fitting Heights: 

       Fashion: 15mm & 18mm 
       Sport: 18mm




It is strongly recommended that you provide all of the above mentioned measurements. We further recommend providing the patient’s frame. If the frame is not included with the Rx to the lab, then the following two specifications are required:

1. Panoramic Angle

2. Preferred Base Curve: Obtained by clocking the base curve of the demo lens at the fitting point.





The final result – Premium prescription sun lenses based on each patient’s specific outdoor needs!