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Shamir Spectrum+™

The Ergonomic Everyday Lens
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Everyday Lenses Enhanced for Comfortable Reading

Originally launched in 2010, Shamir Spectrum has become a tried and true non-compensated solution for presbyopes. As part of our initiative to continue evolving premium visual solutions, Shamir Spectrum’s original design has been upgraded to include one of Shamir’s revolutionary technologies to improve the wearer’s experience!

Elevating Comfort with an Everyday Progressive

Explaining a progressive lens to some patients may be a difficult task, more so when there are various levels of technology incorporated into the design. Honing in on benefits are key when lenses provide physical assistance to a problem patients may not understand they suffer from.

Shamir Spectrum+™   is more than a standard everyday progressive solution. Featuring Natural Posture, patients now reap the benefits of a more ergonomic posture while reading. It means less neck aches, and avoiding having to hold reading material in uncomfortable positions.



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Wider Than The Standard Progressive Solution

Shamir Spectrum+ features a wider reading area and corridor, when compared to standard progressive lenses, to provide patients with more comfortable visual zones. What’s the difference compared to a standard progressive? If you compare Shamir Spectrum+™ to a standard progressive, the reading and corridor are up to 20% wider in Shamir Spectrum+.

In addition to the increased reading and corridor widths, Shamir Spectrum+  has been designed to be more stable compared to standard PALs. Increased stability in the far vision zone allows for crisp, sharp vision at the 180º and up.

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NATURAL POSTURE™ TECHNOLOGY - Ergonomic Design Concept

The near viewing zone in Shamir Spectrum+ is dynamically located within the lens corridor, taking into account the plus or minus power of the prescription. This reduces the need to tilt the head forwards or backwards or alternatively to lower or raise a book when reading to find the right viewing distance and angle. Any discomfort within their posture is thereby minimized and patients are ensured a comfortably natural posture during near viewing.


Understanding the need for Natural Posture™                

Natural Posture™  will help patients by minimizing neck and shoulder discomfort and allowing for a natural posture while reading. The natural position of holding reading material is at a distance of 16 inches (40cm), with a viewing angle of about 30º. With the introduction of prescription lenses, the near viewing zone does not correspond to this angle; therefore the patient compensates by tilting their head forward or backward, or by raising or lowering their reading material. This ultimately leads to an uncomfortable and unnatural posture.

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In addition, Shamir Spectrum+ also includes all the cutting edge features of Shamir lens design:

Eye-Point Technology® for enhanced vision                

Ensuring accurate design and analysis, this technology combines lens surface topography
data with an advanced algorithm to calculate optical performance of thousands of locations
on the progressive lens surface. The result is enhanced accurate vision for myopes and
presbyopes alike.


Freeform Lens Design for Wider Viewing Zones

A Freeform design means instead of being formed in a mold, each lens is precision tooled
with the prescription on the back surface. This gives the patient a 20% wider viewing zone.
And that means a better visual experience.



  • Ergonomic design - Near viewing zone optimally positioned for natural posture and comfort while reading
  • Wide visual clarity - Viewing zones are up to 20% wider than in standard progressives

  • Greater far vision clarity - Far vision is improved with greater clarity in the far viewing zone due to a more stable lens design than that of standard PALs.

  • All-over improved comfort and visual experience!  

How to Order Shamir Spectrum+

Provide the following information:

• Supply the Doctors refracted Rx

• Frame Data: (A, B, DBL) or frame tracer file

• Fitting height & Mono PD (far)


Min Fitting Heights: 14mm, 16mm, 18mm