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Shamir Autograph® II+

Tailored For Your Everyday
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Shamir Autograph® II has been a staple premium lens for loyal Shamir lens wearers and ECP’s for over 10 years. To keep the lens relevant in today’s market we have updated the design by incorporating two technologies to further enhance the wearer’s experience.


Introducing Shamir Autograph® II+ 





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The Near PD Solution


Shamir’s Close-Up® technology adjusts the reading zone inset of every lens to the individual patient’s convergence during near viewing. Adjustments are made in 0.1 mm steps within a range of 0 - 5 mm. In other words, the lens is custom-adjusted to the individual’s near PD, relative to their far PD.

This advanced lens design technology creates lenses that meet individual differences, such as distance between pupils, reading distance, or asymetric convergence, to lifestyle, type of work, hobbies, and so on.

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Enhanced for Ergonomic and Near Visual Comfort 

With the addition of Natural Posture and Close-Up, Shamir Autograph® II+ provides patients more comfort both ergonomically and visually. Natural Posture ensures a comfortable ergonomic posture while reading, and Close-Up enables a more natural convergence of the eyes while doing close tasks. A physiological trait that varies from person to person, convergence is particularly significant regarding progressive lenses. 


The amount of convergence required and achieved influences near visual performance during close work tasks. Today’s lens designs are “universally optimized” for near viewing, with an average inset value, which is fine in most cases. However, when it comes to any irregularities, near vision may be unfocused or narrow.

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As Worn Quadro 

As-Worn Technology

Perfect Vision For Any Frame Choice


In order to provide your patients a lens fully personalized to them, it is important to understand that their frame will have some panoramic angle, their lenses will be tilted due to the frame or how they wear their frame and that the lens may be closer or further away from the patient’s eye than that measured in the phoropter. With As-Worn Technology, we use three different measurements to create a lens that’s even better suited for the patient; with vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and panoramic angle we can fine-tune the lens unlike ever before.

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Natural Posture 

Natural Posture

A New Ergonomic Design Concept


The near viewing zone in Shamir Autograph® II+ is dynamically located within the lens corridor, taking into account the Rx sphere value - plus or minus. This reduces the need to tilt the head forwards or backwards or alternatively to lower or raise a book when reading to find the right viewing distance and angle. Any discomfort within their posture is thereby minimized and patients are ensured a comfortable natural posture during near viewing.



Understanding the Need for Natural Posture™

Natural Posture™  will help patients by minimizing neck and shoulder discomfort and allowing for a natural posture while reading.


The natural position of holding reading material is at a distance of 16 inches (40cm), with a viewing angle of about 30º. With the introduction of prescription lenses, the near viewing zone does not correspond to this angle; therefore the patient compensates by tilting their head forward or backward, or by raising or lowering their reading material. This ultimately leads to an uncomfortable and unnatural posture.


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