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Shamir Autograph II - Office™

Vision specialized for any profession
Lens Family: WORK

Vision specialized for any profession

If you think Shamir Office is a great lens, perfect for patients to use in the workplace or while enjoying hobbies, we’re going to make your day with Shamir Autograph II – Office. This lens packs an extra punch, guaranteed to conquer work’s most difficult tasks (and co-worker’s).


Shamir Autograph II - Office

As you can see in the diagram below, with Shamir Autograph II - Office we are able to enhance the patient’s experience by providing them a personalized Dynamic Power based on the additional measurements taken. Shamir Autograph II – Office caters to every detail and aspect of the patient’s work day, ensuring that they experience the most refined, personalized vision. What’s even better than a great day at work? A great day at work with a pair of Shamir Autograph II – Office lenses.


Autograph 2 Office Image 2 

The low-down on Shamir Autograph II - Office™

The benefits

• Provides a personalized Dynamic Power

• Incorporates patient’s work environment*

• Designed with EyePoint Technology®


Why patients need it...

• Ideal for work or hobbies 

• Personalized to fit the patient and their work station


Minimum Fitting Height

• 16mm lower and 10mm upper