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Shamir Spectrum™

The Ergonomic Everyday Lens
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It has happened… Freeform® is quickly becoming the way of the future. But if you’re still not quite sure which Freeform® designs are available from Shamir, this is your opportunity to “get in the know”, because Shamir’s Freeform® Family has gotten bigger (or, shall we say, “wider”) with Shamir Spectrum.

What's soft, wide and stable? Shamir Spectrum™ of course!

Because our Mensa-like scientists are constantly trying to one-up themselves and bring you the most advanced technology, they set out to create a new Freeform® design that is one step above Shamir Element, but without all of the bells and whistles of Shamir Autograph II®; they’ve done it, with Shamir Spectrum.

With Shamir Spectrum, we decided to widen the reading area and corridor width to provide more comfortable vision zones for your patients. How wide are they? Compared to Shamir Element, we’ve been able to increase the width by up to 20% (now that’s wide). But wait, we’re not done. What’s vision without stability? Unstable. So our R&D team decided that patients deserved a little more power stability in the far vision zone. The illustration below shows the increased stability and wider corridors available in Shamir Spectrum.

 Spectrum Comparison

Can Shamir Spectrum™ sweep up the competition single handedly?

Not only is Shamir Spectrum available in a progressive design, but it’s also available in single vision too! Shamir Spectrum - Single Vision provides your patients that clear, crisp vision in a Freeform® design and has an aspheric/atoric back-side. Aspheric/atoric lenses can be lighter, due to decreased center thickness, and for those high plus patients, an aspheric/atoric lens means better clarity because of minimized off-center errors. What does this really mean for a single vision patient? An accurate Rx made specifically for them and increased visual acuity. 

Comparison chart Lenses

Of course, we couldn’t make all these fancy improvements and then have a hard design... that would be irresponsible of us. With Shamir Spectrum, your patients enjoy a wider reading area along with a wider corridor and stability in the far distance zone all in a soft design. WOW! Did we mention that Shamir Spectrum also comes in three fitting heights? Yep, this delightful lens is available in 14mm, 16mm and 18mm.

The low-down on Shamir Spectrum 

The benefits

• Wider corridor

• Soft design

• Stable distance


Why patients need it...

• Semi-personalized

• More comfortable viewing in distance

• Wider reading area


Minimum Fitting Heights

• 14, 16, and 18mm