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Shamir Autograph® III - SV

Experience the Difference with Digital
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Experience the Difference with Digitial

Why limit the majority of your customer base when it comes to technology? Single Vision wearers benefit from new technologies, just like progressive wearers do. Let’s talk advantages… advantages in technology for your customer and your bottom line. Let them hear about the latest visual enhancements for their lenses from you first.

Discovering the Benefits of a Fully Personalized SV Lens.

We know there is skepticism out there… but yes, Freeform® is beneficial; it’s here to stay and your customers will notice a difference. And the additional cost is about the same price they’ll pay for a night out at the movies. Shamir is committed to staying on the cutting-edge of technology, working hard to ensure that our Rx solutions are doing the best to offer your customer the ultimate visual experience.

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Conventional Single Vision: 
The easy SV solution, but not the best solution.

Conventional single vision lenses seem like a cost effective solution for your customers, but when there are options that provide better performance, improved aesthetics and a more personalized experience, the conventional solution no longer cuts it anymore. 

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Digital Single Vision: 

Shamir Autograph®III - SV the ultimate solution for the single vision buyer.

Conventional single vision lenses may be the easy and routine solution for customers, but it’s not the best. With a low additional cost compared to conventional single vision lenses, your customers may wonder “how come I’m not getting the best?”

The Difference 


Digital solutions are produced at the highest level of optical accuracy, (up to 1/100 Diopter); this type of precision is unique to digital Freeform® designs.


EyePoint Technology III® makes it possible to offer buyers, especially those with higher Rx’s, a “real world” view of objects in their environment. Shamir Autograph® III – SV is not a “one size fits all” design; myopes and hyperopes receive a specialized solution to ensure their view of the world around them is similar.

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Based on how the buyer wears their selected frame, in addition to the frame measurements, Shamir Autograph® III – SV is optimized for the patient to ensure a personalized visual experience.

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Eye-Point Technology III®


Eye Point Technology IIISeeking to overcome the problem of different prescription-related viewing experiences through the same width viewing zone of the lens and questioning what the patient truly sees, Shamir has applied reverse engineering to its technology. Starting by defining the size of the object we want patients to see, Shamir`s Eye-Point Technology III is now able to simulate real world images and support the design of lenses that provide an improved viewing experience for all patients regardless of lens power and frame choice.

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As-Worn Quadro



Natural PostureAs-Worn Technology™ ensures that the patient’s experience of the prescription once the lens is fit into the frame, is exactly the same as when originally measured by the optometrist, giving the patient the same viewing comfort and visual acuity. Multiplying the design dimensions by four, As-Worn Quadro improves on this technology, allowing Shamir Autograph® III to provide four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations in any chosen frame.



How to fit Shamir Autograph®III - SV


Provide the following information:

Supply the Doctors refracted Rx

Frame Data: (A, B, DBL) or frame tracer file

Fitting height & Mono PD (far)

Panoramic angle

Pantoscopic tilt (patient should hold his head in a natural position and look straight ahead during measurement)

Fitted vertex distance


Maximum measurements for maximum lens performance.

For maximum lens performance, Shamir strongly recommends providing all the above As-Worn measurements.