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A New Visual Harmony
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Everyone likes to look their best, including those patients who choose to wear bifocals. The visible line across flat-top bifocals, generally seen as an age marker, gives the lens an undesirable look. At the same time it compromises visual comfort by creating a disturbing image jump. 

Addressing the Visual Experience of the Bifocal Wearer.

Shamir has developed a new generation of bifocal lenses that provide a more aesthetically appealing solution improving the way the wearer looks, as well as the way they see with Shamir Duo.

Focusing on the drawbacks bifocal wearers face with both their visual experience, the physical appearance of the lens, and the wearers’ perceived appearance, Shamir’s R&D team set out to develop a solution that solves these problems.

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Traditional Bifocals - A good solution, but not without drawbacks.

Flat-top bifocals are a conventional solution for presbyopic needs, however they do include some troublesome disadvantages regarding both how the wearer looks and how they see. With their visible dividing line, flat-top bifocals give the wearer a look that is generally associated with old age and furthermore, flat-top bifocals introduce a vertical surface discontinuity resulting in a disturbing image jump with loss of image as the eye moves from one visual zone to the other. 

Traditional bifocal lens wearers have had to compromise on their appearance as well as on the accompanying visual performance… until now.

 Duo Image 2

Shamir Duo™ - A New Visual Harmony

To overcome these disadvantages, Shamir has developed a new bifocal lens design – Shamir Duo. An advanced Freeform® lens, Shamir Duo offers surface continuity, eliminating the visible line. It also offers optical continuity, eliminating the image jump and loss of image. By eliminating these problems associated with traditional bifocal lenses, Shamir Duo maintains a natural, distortion free visual path as the eye moves from one vision zone to another. 

Now with Shamir Duo, there is no need to compromise either on appearance or on visual comfort.

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More Advantages Than Meets The Eye

In addition to improved appearance as well as improved vision, Shamir Duo offers other important advantages over flat-top bifocals which limit the type of lens materials and treatments that can be used, allowing less versatility and offering patients fewer choices.

A Harmony of Advantages

Improved appearance:
  Eliminates the visible dividing line between vision zones

Improved visual performance: 
  Visual continuity between zones

Suitable for sunglasses: 
  Tinted, Photochromic and Polarized

Available in a wide variety of materials including high index for thin, aesthetically appealing lenses

Suitable for a range of premium coatings

Ideal for presbyopes with progressive lens adaptation 

 DUO cover

How to Order Shamir Duo

 Provide the following information:

Patient prescription (Distance correction plus Addition Power)

Mono PD

Fitting height (measured from the center of the pupil to the lower rim of the frame)

Frame data: A, B, ED and DBL 

Frame type


Fitting Instructions: 

The Shamir Duo fitting point should coincide with the center 
  of the pupil, using the invisible markings for verification (just 
  like progressive lenses)


Min Fitting Height: 15mm


Add Shamir Duo to your repertoire of dispensing solutions and help your customers look better, and see better!