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Shamir FirstPAL™

A Solution for Young Presbyopes
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It’s common for new presbyopic patients to put off getting progressives and instead buy a pair of OTC Readers. But why keep them from adjusting to the world of progressive lenses when there’s a solution specifically for new presbyopes, aged 40-45, requiring a low add? With Shamir FirstPAL, we’ve designed a progressive solution that takes into account the adaptation struggles new presbyopes face.


Shamir FirstPAL™... promoting easy adaptation

They may think that slightly blurry near vision isn’t very troublesome yet, but once your patients require a stronger add power, it may be more difficult for them to adjust to progressives. This is because progressives are much different than those single vision lenses they were used to. Shamir FirstPAL has been designed as an “introductory” progressive. It’s a progressive without the visual constraints of more advanced PAL designs. Shamir FirstPAL features wider reading and intermediate zones and the full add is obtained quickly, so they won’t have to lower their heads as much to see, like they would in a standard progressive.


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Don't lose out on an opportunity for First Pair Sales:

Sometimes ECP’s may not want to put their patients into a progressive if they require a low add (.75 to 1.50). Not only because they may not easily adapt (we’ve answered that), but also because of the significant cost increase from SV into a PAL. Well, Shamir FirstPAL is an introductory progressive lens and to help patients get “introduced” we’ve made sure to price it economically. Our scientists understand the challenges patients face when they put on their first pair of progressives, and designed Shamir FirstPAL to ease patients into the world of progressive lenses. 


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With a lens designed for patients to comfortably adjust to a PAL lens and a price that fits, we’re making it easier for you to recommend them their first progressive lenses and easier for them to adapt to it!


The low-down on Shamir FirstPAL™


The benefits

• Low add for easy PAL introduction

• Wide and clear far vision

• Comfortable reading area

• Full add obtained quickly


Why patients need it...

• Introduces them to progressive lenses

• Maximum viewing comfort throughout lens

• Economically priced


Minimum Fitting Height

• 15mm