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Shamir InTouch™

Everyday Vision Enhanced for Smartphones and Tablets
Lens Family: EVERYDAY


Today’s modern lifestyles are changing as fast as new technologies hit the market. Use of digital devices and screens has become an increasingly frequent part of everyday life. This presents our eyes with special challenges as they switch back and forth between distant and mid-range viewing and reading small print on smartphones, tablets or other handheld digital devices.

Staying connected and getting Shamir InTouch™

To provide patients with the clarity they need for everyday tasks, and while staying connected when using their smartphones, tablets, and e-readers Shamir created Shamir InTouch.

Designed as an everyday progressive lens solution with enhanced visual comfort in the zone most utilized for handheld technology, patients will notice a quicker transition of add power in the intermediate zone (up to 25% quicker than standard progressives). Shamir InTouch provides the visual comfort patients need for the “handheld zone,” a new reading area between 15” – 27”. No other lens is designed to meet the needs of this new zone.

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Extra viewing comfort

It’s important to explain why the add power in Shamir InTouch starts quicker than in standard progressive designs.

By looking at the millions of people holding their smartphones and tablets (along with some clinical studies), we found that handheld devices are held higher and closer (between 15” to 27”) than a book would be. So, we designed Shamir  InTouch based off those findings, and people really like how it has increased comfort with their vision.

When compared with standard progressive lenses, Shamir InTouch offers up to a 22% broader reading area with full addition, and up to a 21% wider intermediate area, thereby offering extra viewing comfort for handheld digital devices while still providing visual clarity for everyday use.

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The low-down on Shamir InTouch™

The benefits

• Add power appears 25% quicker, providing more comfortable vision in the 15” - 27” reading zone

• 22% broader reading area

• 21% wider intermediate area

• Progressive solution for regular usage of digital devices


Why patients need it...

• Everyday PAL designed for frequent tablet and smartphone use

• More comfortable viewing than before

• Increased visual acuity for smartphones and tablet screens


Minimum Fitting Heights

• 15mm, 18mm