Shamir SPARK Mi™


SPARK Mi™ is a revolutionary new measuring device that gives patients a hi-tech experience, while saving you time and precision.SPARK Mi™ may look like an ordinary tabletop mirror, but it is actually a measurement tool.Your patient looks in the mirror when wearing their glasses, you simply click, and SPARK Mi™ captures the image.Just one picture is all that’s needed for capturing measurements of all the required parametersAnd sunglasses pose no problem.  SPARK Mi™ clearly sees the patient’s pupils even through most dark lenses.Measuring for new glasses is now quick, easy, comfortable and precise.

SPARK Mi™ Measurements Include:  PD (Automatic Measurement), Fitting Height, Panoramic Angle, Pantoscopic Tilt, Vertex distance, Etc.

Spark Mi™ Minimum Requirements:

A Computer with a USB 2.0 port.

Windows 8 and up with 4GB RAM

Resolution: 1024 wide and 768 height and up

Browser: Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, or Firefox

Processor: 64-bit

(Not compatible with Mac). 


Shamir SPARK

Be one of the first in the nation to own a Shamir SPARK™! The Shamir SPARK™ is a 3D ophthalmic measuring device which utilizes an iPad’s camera and calculates all of the patients’ frame measurements based on ONE picture without any measuring clips. Shamir SPARK™ is the ideal solution for opticians who wish to improve their level of service and leverage modern technology to conveniently and accurately measure customers for frames.

Shamir SPARK™ Measurements Include: Fitting Height, Panoramic Angle, Pantoscopic Tilt, Mono PD, Vertex distance, Etc.

Shamir Spark – A revolution in portable optical measurement devices!

Shamir Spark is compatible with iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air(1).



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